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Hi, I'm Savannah


I'm a wedding and portrait photographer based out of La Crosse WI, but traveling everywhere.  Growing up, I was always drawn to art and beautiful things.  Photography captured my heart, and now I get to use my love to capture yours.  

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Why Photography?


Photography is one of the few ways we have to return to moments otherwise passed, and to take others there with us.  Life can completely change in seconds, and does every day.  Documenting milestones is one way to slow that down, and return to memories and emotions that matter.  

I was always an artist.  From the earliest age, you could always find me coloring, drawing, or painting.  I always needed a desk in my room so I could create and foster my love for all things art.  Around the age of 10, I fell in love with photography.  I was helping my cousin with his photography 4-H project, and ended up taking the camera and doing it for him because I had so many ideas.  

3 years later I purchased my first camera (A Canon Rebel T3i) and began taking photos of flowers and antiques in my backyard.  Still life soon moved on to photoshoots with friends in downtown West Salem where I grew up.  Shortly after I was shooting senior sessions, weddings, and more.  My love for art soon grew into a love for the beauty of love itself, authenticity, and candid emotions.

Several years after graduating high school, I pursued my business full time, focusing specifically on weddings, couples, seniors, and small business branding.  Keeping with the theme of authenticity, my shooting and editing style has landed on relaxed, laid back, moody, and earthy.  I truly believe I have the best job in the world and I absolutely love what I do.

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