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  • Savannah Steiger

Arcadia, Wisconsin Wedding // September Fall Wedding // Abby & Codey

Abby and I actually go back a little ways! We used to serve together at First Free while leading middle school and high school kids at youth group! I actually led a group alongside her sister Christine! Abby reached out to me just 3 weeks before her last minute COVID wedding, and I was so thrilled she’d thought of me! We hopped on the phone that evening and she filled me in a little bit about their situation. Being a COVID bride myself, I was happy to give her a discount to lessen some of the stress of the situation. It was awesome catching up with her and getting to hear about the amazing and intimate wedding they were planning. We were able to figure out a timeline and the best way I could serve them on their wedding day. I was so happy when they decided to move forward!

Abby was already in her gorgeous gown when I arrived at her future in law’s home. The whole house smelled amazing (family friends cooked all the incredible food!). She and her sisters were adding the finishing touches to their dresses and hair, while sipping on Moscow mules, a favorite of Abby’s. She talked about how she was nervous to recite her handwritten vows, which we were quick to assure her she’d do great!

I met Codey on his wedding day. He was down to Earth and seemed a little less nervous than Abby. We were able to get a couple photos beforehand of him and his siblings. It was clear how close these families were and how special of a day it was going to be.

Abby and Codey’s ceremony was so beautiful. They decided on the more traditional route of seeing each other down the aisle for the first time, which was beyond sweet. Both of them were teary eyed, and I was glad to have a camera in front of my face as I was also crying a little. Jon Reiner, who’s an old friend, teacher, and spiritual mentor of mine officiated the wedding. He gave a wonderful message about the example of marriage that the Bible gives us. It was emotional and powerful, and I know I definitely walked away feeling encouraged in my own marriage.

Abby and Codey exchanged handwritten vows. The personal touch was so special, and Abby mentioned afterwards how important that was to them. I once again found myself tearing up behind my camera. They exchanged rings and then were pronounced man and wife. Their kiss was met with lots of cheers and excitement from the friends and family in attendance.

Being a smaller wedding, we were sure to get a group photo of everyone in attendance!

I was able to spend some time with the couple and get some sweet, intimate shots of the two of them. They told me about how they met at Festival while Codey was sampling ingredients for his bloody Mary mix company, Remedy. He says he knew after their first encounter that he was going to marry her. They then saw each other at their church that next Sunday and the rest is history.

They were both so comfortable in front of the camera and with one another. They laughed, smiled, cuddled up, and just loved on one another. That combined with the most perfect cloudy weather made for some of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken.

They invited me to stay for dinner which I was happy to do! The bartender was making some amazing drinks that I heard more than one guest rave about. Abby and Codey decided to do something pretty special that I’ve never seen at a wedding before, but would love to see in the future. They asked their guests to surround them, lay hands on them, and pray before starting dinner. I’ve seen brides and grooms prayed over separately, but never together. It was such a precious moment between them and their guests and I was so happy I stayed to capture it.

After eating an incredible meal, I packed up and headed out. Being a smaller and more last minute wedding, they’d only booked me for a portion of the day. I was sad to miss the rest of the day but was so overwhelmingly excited about the moments I did get to be a part of and capture! These two were so fun loving and laid back, it made for just an incredible day. I got home and started uploading the photos. Looking through them, I was literally tearing up looking at the photos from their ceremony. These two love one another and it is just so obvious!

Abby and Codey, I wish the two of you many years of happiness. It was a privilege to spend your wedding with you and create these beautiful images. You’re love for one another is so evident and I cannot wait to see all you’ll accomplish alongside one another. I hope we get the opportunity to work together again someday! Here’s to the Rheudes!

See below some of my favorite shots from the day as well as a vendor list!

Venue: Family Home

Wedding Ring: Holtan's Jewelry

Codey's Wedding Band: Bellyssa Jewelry

Flowers: Trader Joes ; Branches & Berries ; Cameron Park Farmer's Market (Assembled Themselves)

Printing & Design: Prizm Print & Label

Bridesmaid Dresses: ROOLEE

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