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Pink and Mauve Wedding // Black Sheep Events // Jordyn & Nick

Jordyn actually found me through a google search, and I’m so excited that she did! I was able to facetime with her and Nick, just to get to know them better before they signed the contract. They were so sweet to one another and we all laughed a lot as we talked about their story and their wedding. We talked about how they met in college and continued to date, even over long summers where they were long distance. They enjoy traveling to new places, exploring breweries, and watching Netflix together. When we talked about their wedding, it was awesome to hear how excited they were about the day. Nick even did a little dance when the party bus was mentioned!

I arrived at Westlin Hall in Green Bay, WI, which is where the ceremony was to be held. It's an old chapel that's been renovated and it just absolutely stunning! The girls and guys were getting ready in the basement. There was an excited buzz about the girls room, where lunch was being eaten, final touches to hair and makeup were being added, and even some relaxing yoga was being led! The guys room- watching Space Jam.

After photographing Jordyn's beautiful details, Nick and Jordyn had decided to have a private first look. We were able to find this corner in the basement with some window light that ended up being the perfect space! Though a little emotional, this definitely was such a sweet moment and helped calm some of the nerves!

Then it was time for the ceremony! The chapel was absolutely packed with Jordyn and Nick's closest friends and family. The processional began and Nick was already pretty emotional. The wedding party was standing up front, looking towards the back doors which had been closed to give Jordyn the ultimate entrance. Grandpa, the officiant, gives the welcome to the guests. Then he says a prayer. There were a few confused faces but we bowed our heads. Following the prayer he announces "I believe first we have a reading?" To which a few people hurriedly whisper "The bride??"

Grandpa then exclaims "Oh! The bride!" To which everyone burst into laughter! After the laughter died down, the music began again and the doors open and in walked Jordyn, looking just stunning. Nick was very emotional, and so was I watching the two of them from behind my camera (I almost will always cry once at every wedding!).

The ceremony was so sweet. Having someone so close to them perform their ceremony made it so much more meaningful! Both Nick and Jordyn were pretty emotional throughout the service, especially while saying their personally written vows. The couple also chose a really unique unity ceremony. They both put their thumb prints into a bible and then were prayed over by a family member. It was such a cool way to bring God into their ceremony!

After exchanging rings, they were pronounced husband and wife and sealed the ceremony with a kiss! After their receiving line, the couple were sent off in a flurry of rose petals!

Before we left though, we did take advantage of the beautiful window lighting in Westlin Hall! Like I always say, if I see dramatic window lighting on your wedding day, I will make you stand by it!

After some family photos at the chapel, we headed to a nearby park for bridal party photos and some couples photos! Jordyn chose different shades of dusty pink and dark grey for the dresses and suits. That mixed with white floral and greenery made for the perfect summer color pallet!

Jordyn and Nick were sure to include their sweet dog, Porter in their photos! He is so sweet and fluffy, and did such a wonderful job!

Then we got to spend a little time with just the two of them exploring the park. Though we hadn't done an engagement session, they were so comfortable in front of the camera. It was fun getting to see their reactions to some of my prompts for the first time!

Next we headed back to the reception, while the wedding party rode the party bus for a while! I had never been to Black Sheep Weddings prior to this day, but it is such a stunning and versatile venue! Jordyn had kept the décor simple, but elegant. The tables were decorated with pink florals, to match the bouquets, greenery, taper candles in glass vases, and table numbers.

Guests were enjoying the photo guest book, customized sugar cookies, popcorn, yard games, and more! Black Sheep features a beautiful outdoor space that's perfect for ceremonies or cocktail hour!

After the grand march, dinner was served. This was followed by some touching speeches by both members of the wedding party and parents.

We then cut the cake and I pulled the couple out back for some golden hour photos! We only took about 15 minutes, but we were able to find the prettiest patch of tangerine sunlight peeking through the trees! It was fun to take that little break before the party began. We also popped a little champagne before heading back inside!

The dance was started shortly after and it was so so sweet. Black Sheep Events has these beautiful chandeliers that helped set the mood and really made for some beautiful photos.

Nick then danced with his mom. After that, Jordyn's mom surprised her with a dance with her grandpa, and 2 brothers. It was definitely a highlight of the evening and had everyone shedding a tear or two.

Then the party began and everyone was on the dancefloor! It was truly such a fun ending to a beautiful wedding day!

Thank you again to Nick and Jordyn for choosing me to capture such a special day! I know I'm writing this almost a year after but it was really wonderful and I hope marriage has been nothing short of amazing! Wishing you all the best! See vendor list below as well as some of my favorite images from the day!

The Dream Team:

Ceremony Venue: Westlin Hall

Reception Venue: Black Sheep Events

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