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  • Savannah Steiger

Amy & Colin // Summer Engagement Session // Trempealeau, WI

Amy and I originally got connected through a mutual friend (Thank you Cala!!!). We met up at Grounded in La Crosse. Immediately, I felt like we hit it off. I got to learn about Amy’s love for traveling, and that most of her extended family lives in Scotland (whaaaat!!!) She told me about Colin, how he’s a “free spirit”, and her nickname for him is Goldilocks because of his blonde curls! I did the biggest happy dance when she told me they’d decided to hire me!

Fast forward over 6 months, and I finally got to meet up with them for their engagement photos. For starters, it was a perfect day. Though it was the warmest shoot I’ve had so far this year, it was nice and cloudy, which makes for the best photos! We went to Perrot State park, where Colin was quick to tell me it was the filming location for “The Moth Man”, and Amy informed me Colin always knew fun little facts. Right off the bat, we were all laughing, telling stories, and debating about chicken nuggets verses chicken strips (nuggets is the correct answer in case you were wondering!).

They were absolute troopers despite the 80 degree weather, and fully embraced all the crazy prompts I had them do! Though I walked away a little sweaty, I walked away so incredibly excited to upload those photos! When I got home, I made myself some chicken nuggets and sat giggling and tearing up at all the fun and amazing moments from this shoot! Check out some of my personal favorite images below!

Upon delivering the photos, Amy couldn’t stop saying how obsessed she was with the images! It absolutely warms my heart to hear such a positive response to my work. Amy and Colin aren’t getting married for over a year and there is definitely a huge part of me that wishes they were getting married sooner! I’m so excited to be a part of their big day!

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