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  • Savannah Steiger

Megan & Jake // Summer Engagement Session // La Crosse, WI

I met Megan and Jake through another amazing bride who I get to work with this next year (Thank you Amy!!). Until our photoshoot, I’d only talked with Megan on the Phone. It was so great to meet both of them in person and get to know them better.

Megan and Jake are from out of town and were so kind and willing to travel to me. It was wonderful getting to spend an afternoon exploring the trails and finding new areas. I always recommend an engagement session for my brides and grooms, mainly because it allows us to get to know one another so much better!

Megan and Jake were absolute naturals in front of the camera. They told great stories about how Megan, originally, was not too interested in Jake, then after reconnecting at the gym, they got together. After dating for a while, Jake planned a surprise proposal with over 100 roses! We all laughed so much! Though there is a lot of teasing in their relationship, it was so evident to me that they absolutely love one another!

It was honestly a perfect day. Not too terribly hot, but bright and sunny. The shoot all around created a beautiful, glowing, golden effect. From heartwarming, laughter-filled candid's, to stunning, more serious poses, this shoot was definitely one for the books! I couldn’t ask for a better photo shoot coming out of quarantine.

Megan and Jake, I cannot express how excited I am to shoot your wedding next year! Delivering your photos exactly one year before the big day was, in all honesty, a total coincidence, but I’m so happy it happened! I’m thrilled to have met you both and had so much fun working with you. Here’s to 2021!

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